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Since 2012 Salt Blendz has been creating gluten free, all natural sea salt seasonings in the West Kootenays, British Columbia. These popular seasonings are hand crafted in small batches using many local, organic ingredients.  Salt Blendz produces 5 distinct flavors, Kootenay Garlic, Sesame Nori, Jalapeno/Habanero, Ocean Edibles, and our solo sea salt French Grey.  All  our products start with fine grey sea salt, soft on the palate, rich in flavor and trace minerals. Next is Red Star nutritional yeast adding a boost of vitamin B12 and the great flavor Salt Blendz is known for.  We do a bunch or our own dehydrating for our local organic garlic, Okanagan Habaneros, and Jalapenos.  Creating full flavored powders and granules.

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